Win-Win is such a key distinction that a synonym of Abundance Culture is Win-Win Culture.

Win-Win is a characteristic of interactions where all parties involved benefit. In Abundance Culture we also require that parties not directly involved in the interaction either also benefit or at least are not disadvantaged by the interaction. Win-Win games generate more value than losses.

In Game Theory, Win-Win is called Non-Zero Sum, as contrasted with Win-Lose Zero-Sum games like Chess , Card Games, etc. where every Win for one person needs to be made up for by equal Losses by other players. Zero-Sum refers to the Wins and Losses always adding up to Zero.

In real life, Win-Lose games are really Negative-Sum, e.g. in Theft or War the Losses are always greater than the Wins. The erosion of value caused by people playing Win-Lose games in society must always ultimately be paid for by others playing Win-Win games.

In a traditional hierarchical society, peasants and artisans create wealth by engaging in win-win interactions which the elite members of the hierarchy acquire and squander in win-lose games of competition for power and dominance.