RPTUG Creation Project

A Project to Create a Radical Productivity Tools Users Group!

What is the RPTUG?


The RPTUG is an Active Group of Enthusiasts who collaborate on creating, extending, improving and exploiting sustainable Open-Source Free Software Tools which radically increase individual and group productivity.

Members of RPTUG make significant personal and/or professional use of these Software Tools.

Why does having an RPTUG Matter?


Good tools make human beings more productive.

Great Tools unleash Human Brilliance and Effectiveness.

Learn more about this with the RPTUG Case For Action!

This Project is about People and Tools!


How You Can Participate

  • If you'd like to participate with this or any of the other projects on this Wiki you'll need an account.
  • Share the possibility of Radical Productivity Software Tools
    • with friends and people you meet
    • with your friends on social media
    • and direct them to this website!
  • Help improve this website!

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