NGender Tiki Stewards

NGender TIki Stewardship Feature

The NGender TIki Project) has extended the Tiki System with a new Tiki Feature called NGender Categorical Stewards which allows users of a Tiki System to more easily share and delegate responsibility for managing Tiki Objects, e.g. WIki Pages.

A Tiki Administrator can give Stewardship privileges to some or all Tiki Users. Administrators should see NGender Tiki Stewards Admin for how to do this. Let's suppose that this has been done for a Tiki User named Chris. Chris will now be in Tiki Group Stewards and Chris will have:

  • a Default Group User_Chris
  • a Default Category User::Chris

Group User_Chris will have all permissions on any Tiki Object in Category User::Chris

When Chris creates a Tiki Object, e.g. a Wiki Page, Calendar, Spreadsheet, Forum, etc.

  • that Object will be assigned to Category User::Chris
  • Chris can do anything they like with their new object

We say that any Tiki Object associated with a Steward's Default Category is under their stewardship.

Let's give an example:

I create a new Wiki Page for my Flower Arranging Project. The new Wiki Page is automatically placed in my default category, User::Greg. It's under my stewardship so I can do anything I like with it, e.g. edit its content or put it in additional categories.

Alice says she'd like to work on the project with me, so I add my new Wiki Page to the Category user::Alice. using the Categories tab under Edit Page. Alice can now do anything she likes to improve the page. She has the same permissions with it that I do, i.e. she can also edit it and can also put it in new categories to, e.g. allow more Stewards to work on it.

At some time in the future, I might lose interest in that project. I can remove my Default Category from any of that projects' Objects. Those Objects are no longer under my stewardship and they can continue to evolve under the care of their other Stewards.

The Stewards feature works especially well in conjunction with our extension for Tiki Projects