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Privacy Protection is part of a movement to use encryption everywhere. To get to the content of our pages, you must uses "https://" rather than "http://". You can click the link above to reach our content.

You can make it simple to use "https://" by installing the Electronic Frontier Foundation's HTTPS:// EVERYWHERE browser extension for Firefox or Chrome. Not available for Microsoft browsers.

Why use encryption everywhere?

The so-called Information Age provides everyday users of the internet with a wealth of information about nearly any topic a user can imagine. More and more resources are on-line. Educational opportunities, social media, ease of communication around the world. These are the benefits of the Information Age.

With all the technology at our fingertips, we leave a trail of identifiable information about ourselves. The government can spy on us and search our phone conversations and texts and corporations can gather information for "targeted" advertising. These are large scale invasions of privacy. But we can also be subject to personal invasions like a boss spying on your activities on social media. Everyone must decide for themselves how much or little they wish to protect themselves for this.